The Green Team

Empowering Sustainable Changemakers

We are a student initiative of the Technical University of Munich

Who are we?

Many people see the immense challenges that the world is facing today, and this drives them to leave a positive impact in their communities and on the world. But often we feel limited by a lack of opportunity, skills, networks, or connections to take meaningful action. This is the gap The Green Team wants to bridge by fulfilling our mission to empower students to be changemakers in sustainability. Our vision is to support students of today as they become future leaders and enablers of a sustainable world.

The Green Team aims to emphasise “empowerment” each time, to make sure our future change-makers are given sufficient support to do what they were destined to do – make our world a better place.

Student Talks

The Student Talks explore empowerment through knowledge transfer. The aim is to create an environment, where students involved in different areas of environmental, social or economic sustainability are given support, platform and necessary skills to meaningfully communicate their knowledge, thoughts, and experiences. At the same time, the listeners are inspired by fellow students to take a leap and pursue what they believe in, and also gain knowledge and discuss topics they are interested in.

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